Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Ollie and Sons X The Woftam

Winter is here, boo. In other news, this marks the first shoot of an ongoing collab with emerging Perth creatives, The Woftam. I love working with these babes, their talent and work ethic far exceeds their age... keep your eyes peeled for them.

All of the clothes I'm wearing throughout this spread can be bought from Northbridge boutique, Ollie and Sons and are from their own in-house brand. Super affordable and beautifully made. The boutique also caters for lads, as can be seen from ma bearded man friend. They have a huge range of designers, these hats are by Ace of Something and jewels by Deer Ruby. Make the trip, I promise you will enjoyyyyy xx

Creative direction/photos/styling- The Woftam
All garments (minus Woftam undies)- Ollie and Sons
Hats- Ace of Something (also available at Ollie and Sons)
Jewellery- Deer Ruby (available at Ollie and Sons)
Fraser the bearded man dressed head to toe in Nana Judy (available from Ollie and Sons)

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