Thursday, 18 September 2014

TPFF Opening night

Tonight was the opening night for Perth Fashion Festival 2014. Luckily for me, my job at Nova is super rad and I was able to report, be dressed by an amazing local designer (Geachi) and attend the show. 

This show, themed "Beyond Imagination" truly lived up to its name. My God. It was an embellished, intricate and floral-inspired treat for the eyes. Please enjoy ze photos, designs by local mastermind Ae'lkemi and FIDe fashion week designers Michael Cinco and Sebastian Gunawan. Yum.

I was dressed by Geachi. A young Perth designer, please watch this space.

 With the Zhivago babes, they are awesome. 

Yep. This happened. Zanita and Kate Waterhouse.

Michael Cinco

Sebastian Gunawan

Photos by the amazing Perrywinkle Photography 

Dressed by Geachi. I'm in love. 

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