Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Free People

I decided not to brush my hair or wear shoes. 

Enter the ethereal, bohemian, gypsy dresses from Free People. They make this lack of grooming appear stylish.

I've been a long-time online fan of Free People, all the way from little ol' Perth and am so glad I finally made a purchase. Their stuff is even more stunning in person. Now I can run through fields of daisies and not look like an (complete) idiot.

I must mention my array of jewels and crystals!! New Perth (hooray) designer Just a Peach. I love piling all their shiz. And they also do insanely rad tie-dye apparel. Check out their Instagram and Etsy page. 

Photos by David Cowe 
Dress: Free People
Jewellery: Just a Peach

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